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Lockdown levels may be easing in South Africa, but we are still being encouraged to be safe, stay at home and keep social gatherings to a minimum. Now that Spring is springing, it’s the perfect time to set a DIY home improvement station up outside and tackle some awesome DIY home projects, that even the kids can help with.

We’ve put together a few DIY ideas for the home that is easy and exciting. You can take on these fun DIY projects this Spring, that will keep you and the family entertained.

DIY Home Projects

What can you do during lockdown?

Lockdown level 5 wasn’t much fun, but one of the great things to come out of the forced “home time” was the amount of DIY that many people took on. As the levels have dropped though, we are seeing more and more people still taking up DIY challenges at home. After all, it’s super fun and rewarding to do home improvements yourself and to be able to tell your mates, “I built that!”.

What DIY projects can I do at home?

We’ve put together three DIY home improvement projects that are fairly simple to do and won’t take hours to finish. They are perfect Spring projects to take on too. We give you a guide on the materials you need (all of which you can get easily from BUCO online or a store near you) and a step-by-step rundown on how to do it.