We’re doing everything we can in our stores to ensure the safety of our country’s essential service workers, our staff, and you, our dedicated customers. At every level, we are adhering to a strict central protocol which defines our new way of conducting business in a way that is safer for our staff and you, our loyal customers. 

• Every store will ensure the availability of soap or hand sanitizer at the door. 
• Regulations will require a minimum distance of 1,5 – 2 meters between persons at all times. 
• Where possible, physical interaction will be curbed by alternative measures, such as rubber doorstoppers on doors, so they don't have to be handled. 
• All our in-store surfaces are sanitized with an alcohol-based cleaning solution that is above 60% concentration. This includes: sales counters, computer keyboards, all Point of Sale units (Card machines, etc.), cashier points and so on.  
• The use of elevators will be temporarily discontinued except for persons with disabilities, where applicable. 
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• All our staff are qualified & fully compliant with in-store safety procedures (Disaster Act of 2002, Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1993, National Health Act of 2003, as well as other applicable COVID-19 legislation and standards). 
• Our employees are required to wear appropriate PPE (e.g. Face masks) at all times. 
Our staff are fully trained in all the necessary sanitary procedures, including 20-second hand washing & dealing with SARS-CoV-2 in terms of infections, isolation & prevention procedures. 
All our employees are required to avoid physical contact where possible. 
• All our offices, staff kitchen areas and other large floor-spaces on the premises will be regularly cleaned using a regulated bleach solution. 
Our staff are encouraged to keep up a strong immune system and be wary of any high-risk conditions such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, HIV, tuberculosis and being elderly.
•Regular non-invasive COVID-19 screenings will be conducted in a dignified and confidential manner, including daily checking with thermometers. 

• Please sanitize your hands at the door. 
• Follow our in-store safety prompts, such as space markers on the floor. 
• If you have come into contact with any person or surface which may represent a risk in terms of SARS-CoV-2 transmission, please do not touch your face until you have   had the opportunity to wash or disinfect your hands. 
•During certain levels of lockdown, regulations on trade might be subject to change without prior notice, as well as require certain paperwork (such ID, CIPC Certification, or a registry of client transaction records). We ask for your understanding in this regard & thank you for your compliance. 

National Institute of Communicable Diseases Public Hotline: 
0800 029 999 / 111 

Department of Health:
Send the word ‘HI’ to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp 

World Health Organization (WHO):