Have you Experienced the Future of Building?

Buco 30 Oct 2018

It’s bigger, it’s better – it’s the blueprint for the future of building with an expanded range of quality hardware and buildware.

BUCO Wonderpark is a place where functionality meets range. From the moment you walk through the doors of our sleek new store, not only will you be greeted by one of our knowledgeable salesmen, but you will also experience the true essence of functionality everywhere you look. The interior architecture was conceived and designed with the age-old design wisdom of form follows function. Everything from the aisles’ placement to the overall flow of the store was designed specifically to make sure you find what you’re looking for, without needing to look.

It is with the same ethos in mind that we were able to work in a much more cost-effective and sustainable manner, with beautiful details all around, but without subtracting attention away from the vast range of quality hardware and buildware on display. An interesting fact of our interior architecture is that each and every installation is constructed from materials that are readily available off-the-shelf.

One of the first new additions you’ll notice is our first-of-a-kind Customer Comfort Zone where we offer you coffee, workstations and free Wi-Fi to stay on top of the job while we prepare your quotes and materials.

Not to be outdone by our exquisite new look and interesting features, we’ve also brushed up on our customer service and advice to ensure you spend less time in-store, and more time on-site.

To ensure this, we’ve installed specialist Plumbing and Electrical Counters, Contractor Counters and General Sales Counters – ensuring that we help you with everything you need to make you nail your projects, time after time.

So, whether you’re painting your roof or building a completely new development, give your project the kick-start it needs with the BUCO of the future! Visit BUCO Wonderpark today and take advantage of our Grand Opening specials! Offers valid until 3 November 2018.

Find your way to BUCO Wonderpark: Here

For more personalised service or specific enquiries email our Wonderpark Manager, JP McKenzie at: [email protected]

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