The good part about paint is that you have the privilege to choose the colour that you want simply because paints come in different colours. But don't ignore the fact that painting the interior and exterior of a building has its own procedures thus you would require the services of BUCO whose in-store assistance are trained to advice you on what to do. BUCO does not only assist making the right choice of a product but they go as far as telling you how to use the paint.

Paint does not only offer an additional protection layer for walls but rather amplifies the quality of the rooms within your house thus bringing out your personality. When buying a paint, colour forms part of an important aspect every consumer should take into consideration because room colour has the ability to influence our mood and thoughts.

We are committed to provide clients with an unending experience which accommodates the highest quality paint products which uphold time and financial efficiency thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction.

BUCO is a supplier of popular paint brands, namely Plascon; apart from that we are also able to provide a whole range of paint bent on satisfying your needs and your finances

The availability of all painting accessories will make you manage your projects so easy. We have the QCO Paint range which consists of 11 products - no doubt some of these products will match your needs.

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