Building Blocks

Our CSI initiatives are designed to achieve and uphold positive social development of the communities that surround us. Our interventions in various communities will enhance our values and achieve the objectives of our business.

BUCO's Corporate Social Investment springs from investing in children, an aspect that will result in a bright future for our country.

As such, we at BUCO have realised that many schools that are situated in disadvantaged communities lack the luxury of sufficient classrooms, so that many teachers must conduct their work under trees. The absence of such learning facilities negatively impacts on a student's future thus it is often difficult for them to succeed in school and beyond. BUCO as an organisation strives to create a way for a better future, and we are aware that it takes combined efforts to invest in education for a change. For that reason, we at BUCO have dedicated ourselves to collaborate with organisations, schools and communities with the goal of offering students the best start in life. We are collaborating with Adopt-a-School Foundation through the BUCO Building Blocks, a scheme that offers us the platform to furnish students with basic skills and resources that are fundamental for their development. These significant contributions will continue to create additional foundations for education thus placing students in good stead for tomorrow and securing their future. Changing the world begins with the heart - BUCO Building Blocks.


It's common knowledge that many schools don't have what it takes to equip students with necessary life skills; these are qualities that are required for a successful life. While students progress through high school, they translate new skills they are learning into practice. This is where BUCO comes into play by assisting them to make it possible, by selecting candidates for leadership from the schools we assist.

Investing in education

Quite a number of children tend lose their natural drive to succeed whenever there is a lack of vital educational resources, thus they end up joining the ranks of underachievers. To counter this, we at BUCO have decided to invest in education with the aim of equipping them with the necessary tools required in the real world so that they can succeed in class and beyond.

Building Blocks
Building Blocks

BUCO's Passion

Elevating our communities forms part of our priorities; BUCO is very passionate about enriching and pushing forward underprivileged children so that they can be successful in future and desist from blaming their shortcomings on anyone else. As such, BUCO is committed to building safe and functional environmental facilities which should be used by student's, thereby building a better future for South Africa.

Students' Futures

Education shapes not just the future of a child, but that of a country which relies greatly on educated people able to implement brilliant economic policies. As such, children are the country's most valuable assets and so deserve an environment with ample learning environments in which to thrive. A child's success relies on combined efforts practised by those involved in their lives; BUCO is one such business entity concerned about the lives of children and hence it is committed to working with schools to assist students in achieving their educational goals.

Materials donated through BUCO stores in 2012:

  • King Shaka High School in Umlazi, KZN - materials to support the building of an Administration Block
  • Zinqobele Secondary School In Mthunzini, KZN - materials to support the building of an Administration Block
  • Mokgome High School in Soweto, Gauteng - materials to support the building of a School Hall.
Njingili High School in Eshowe, KZN - materials to support the building of an Administration Block.

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