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DIY Kids Outdoor Projects

Now that the warmer months are approaching the kids can venture outdoors for some fun! Make your back garden the place to be this Spring and Summer!

DIY Hideaway

Nothing could possibly be more exciting for a little one than having their own little nook to play in – this hideaway house is perfect for an adventurous little tyke that enjoys having their own space!

DIY Projects

Outdoor Chalkboard

What a treat, a place to be as creative and artistic as you want to be! This outdoor idea works as a mess-free, re-usable platform to let your children’s imagination run wild!

DIY Projects 2

Outdoor Play Track

Why not give your little one the perfect playground for all his/her cars and trucks! They’ll be outside for hours on end with this neat idea – just don’t forget the sunscreen!

DIY Projects 3

Sand Box

A classic with a twist, simply create a shaded canopy over the sandpit and voila! A mini beach play area right in your backyard.

DIY Projects 4

DIY Outdoor No Sew Teepee

Cowboys and Indians games to one side, this idea also provides your little ones with their own little play spot, which is a little less permanent than the playhouse mentioned above.

DIY Projects 5

Drive-Through Kids Bike Wash

What fun! Perfect in this scorching South African Heat!

DIY Projects 6

PVC Sprinkler

A cost effective alternative to purchasing already made kids sprinkler systems, great for hot summer weekends.

DIY Projects 7

Kids Picnic Table

For a sunny, family day outside.

DIY Projects 8

If you enjoyed any of these, please let us know! Remember to stop by your nearest BUCO to stock up on all the products you will need! Have a great Summer!

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